About us


  We are Specialists in IT best practices, recognized leaders in Latin America and Spain



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  We are Teams helping large organizations manage their IT outsourcing providers and contracts.

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  We are Experts in Cloud Management and Migration Services

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 We are Leading Training Center on Advanced IT topics

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Our Company

Founded in 2001, ITERA is headquartered in Mexico City with offices in all the major cities in Latin America. Our process based approach relies on the best practices applied through continuous improvement iterations with short term, reachable and practical objectives. In fact, the name “ITERA” comes from the word “iteration”

At present, ITERA is a group of over 250 highly educated employees (or “iterantes”) with real life experience in the field. Our business and financial track record, over more than 15 years, offers our clients and employees the the peace of mind of dealing with a good company.

Are you an expert with an University level degree,

practical experience and strong urge to overachieve?