IT Provider Governance Services

IT Provider Governance Services

Itera has developed and fine-tuned an operation model for the integral management of the IT services that providers, internal or external, deliver to a customer organization. It manages the performance and the quality of these projects and IT services.

This model is based on IT best practice frameworks, approved and used internationally. It has been improved to adapt to the real needs of the public and private sectors of the region.

This model of IT Service Governance has shown, in multiple projects, to increase the capacity and ability of the customer to supervise and control the performance of the suppliers. Its implementation ensures the delivery in time, with quality and budgetary efficiency of the services contracted.

This solution involves having a team of consultants from Itera to carry out activities of governance and integral quality management of services, like:

  • -Design, implementation and deployment of processes for the governance of IT services
  • -Governance and assessment of suppliers compliance to contracts
  • -Quality assurance of processes and products
  • -Scoping verification, management and measurement of projects executed by suppliers
  • -Design and review of the IT enterprise architecture and its alignment to the business objectives
  • -Training of the customers personnel in advanced topics of IT management and techniques

With important success stories in our history, Itera is the company with most experience in this complex task of improving the real b that an organization receives from its contracts with various IT suppliers.


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