Cloud Services on Google

Cloud Services on Google

Itera is part of the Google Cloud Platform partner network as Google Cloud Premier Partner, specializing in Infrastructure Specialization; This means that I have experience in the implementation of solutions on Google Cloud Platform and a certified team in the use of the platform.

With Google and our advice you can:

  • Design an infrastructure for the future
  • Analyze data efficiently


Informatic Resources

From virtual machines with a price-performance ratio that offers proven advantages to a fully managed application development platform.

Storage and Databases

Storage of objects and databases that are scalable, resistant and high performance for your applications.


Network products defined by state-of-the-art software on Google’s private fiber network.

Big Data

Almacenamiento de datos totalmente administrado, procesamiento de streaming y por lotes, exploración de datos. Hadoop/Spark y mensajería fiable.

Internet of Things

One of the platforms of IoT intelugente that helps you get useful information for your company from your global network of devices.

Machine Learning

Rapid, scalable and easy-to-use automated learning services. Use our already prepared models or prepare them yourself from your data.

Administration Tools

Supervision, registration, diagnosis and much more. Everything in a web management console or in a mobile application very easy to use.

Developer Tools

Develop and implement your applications with our command line interface and other developer tools.

Identity and Security

Control the access and visibility of the resources on a platform protected by the Google security model.


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