Microsoft Workloads on AWS: Starts your Journey to the Cloud

Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Experts help you to start your Journey to the Cloud 

Since 2008, when Windows Server-based instances were launched, the execution of Windows workloads with AWS has accelerated dramatically in the last decade. This is because EC2 for Windows instances allow you to create and run all the resources necessary to migrate a Windows environment from On Premise to the cloud.

Also now days, according to reports released by IDC (IDC: Windows Server Market Update), over 57% of Windows workloads run on AWS.

Being aware of this, ITERA, as an Advanced level partner of AWS, aligned and endowed its team of cloud architects with all the knowledge and thus possible experience to help our clients migrate their Windows workloads according to our processes and best practices. given by AWS for these projects.

Our experience is based not only on the migration from SQL Server to EC2 or AWS RDS but on all other AWS services available for Windows workloads such as: AWS FSx for Windows File Server, AWS Active Directory, AWS License Manager and AWS Workspaces.

Additionally, given the level of partnership we have with AWS, we support companies that look to migrate their workloads, from Windows Server and SQL Server to AWS, through AWS-based migration acceleration programs for Windows.

Throughout these programs, we carry out an analysis that allows us to identify the entire customer environment and then we determine the current consumption of resources. After this, we are able to provide recommendations for infrastructure optimization throughout an executive report, so that customers can make an informed migration decision.

Why AWS?

  • – 12 years migrating Windows Workloads
  • – Global reach and high availability
  • – Windows Server on AWS 2 times more than the competition
  • – AWS has 7 times less downtime than the competition
  • – SQL Server on AWS offers 2 times better price performance than the competition
  • – AWS Offers 37% Average Cost Savings on Infrastructure
  • – It offers programs and tools to both partners and customers that help Windows load migration projects succeed, improve the customer experience, and optimize costs.
  • – AWS is a leader in cloud service innovation, enabling workloads to be modernized to the point of building native cloud applications.


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